Duration:   3 days Level:  Intermediate Format:   50% lab
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$1,550 per attendee.
5% discount for early registration by March 9. Additional 5%, if 3 or more from the same company. These discounts cannot be combined with special discounts using a discount code.
Instructor Eric has been a Web developer for 16 years. He has delivered 20+ jQuery developer workshops for organizations including DirecTV, New York Times Digital, Starwood Hotels, Kaiser Permanente, Princeton University, Procter & Gamble, Baxter Healthcare, and Toyota. Typical Testimonial: The labs were the most useful for really learning after having had the introduction. The instructor set up some great labs.
This course teaches attendees how to use the freely-available jQuery library to simplify nearly any client-side scripting task. Attendees will learn how to write jQuery selectors to round up sets of DOM elements, how to use jQuery's many wrapped set methods to manipulate DOM elements, how to use the jQuery event model to set up event listeners and callback functions, how to manage Ajax requests with jQuery and how to extend jQuery with utility functions and wrapped set method plugins.
1 Getting Started with jQuery
2 Forming Wrapped Sets with jQuery Selectors
3 Event-Driven Programming with jQuery
4 jQuery and Ajax
5 Developing jQuery Plugins
6 XSLT Transformations with jQuery (optional)
7 jQuery Unit Testing (optional)
1 Getting Started with jQuery
  • Downloading the Most Recent Version of jQuery
  • Using jQuery with Other Libraries
  • Starting Processing When the DOM Tree is Ready
  • jQuery Utility Functions
2 Forming Wrapped Sets with jQuery Selectors
  • CSS Selectors
  • Hierarchical Selectors
  • Basic Filters
  • Content Filters
  • Visibility Filters
  • Attribute Filters
  • Child-Specific Filters
  • Form Element Filters
  • Additional Wrapped Set Methods
3 Event-Driven Programming with jQuery
  • Event Helpers
  • Interaction Helpers: toggle() and hover()
  • jQuery Event Objects
  • jQuery Live Events
4 jQuery and Ajax
  • The load() Wrapped Set Method
  • Basic Ajax Requests with $.get() and $.post()
  • $.getJSON() and $.get Script()
  • Exercising Complete Control with $.ajax()
  • Global Ajax Events
  • Ajax Helper Methods
5 Developing jQuery Plugins
  • Best Practices
  • Utility Function Plugins
  • Wrapped Set Method Plugins
  • Providing Default Argument Values
6 XSLT Transformations with jQuery (optional)
  • Using the jQuery Transform plug-in
  • Performing transformations
  • Handling transformation output
  • Passing parameters to XSLT stylesheets
7 jQuery Unit Testing (optional)
  • Using the QUnit Framework
  • Developing a Sample HTML Page for Testing
  • Analysis of a jQuery Unit Test Script
Optional topics are available in a 4-day custom class.
Attendees should be familiar with JavaScript.
Architects, Designers, Analysts and Developers.